5 Should have Indian dishes that you will need to try out this weekend


If you’re a foodie and meals is the lifetime then the thing that you have to not miss at any price, is that these lip smacking traditional Indian dishes. These cuisines are completely amazing to attempt because we’ve both meat and veg dishes on our platter this weekend. Here’s a list that you need to try this weekend out, only if you’re a genuine foodie.
Mutton rogan josh tops our list, even as it’s all about non-vegetarian cuisines. It’s the signature Kashmiri Curry, where meat is cooked using seared onions, spices such as Kashmiri red chilies and yogurt. The luscious red color of the mouth-watering meat cuisine is sufficient to make you drooling. Can be cooked in home or it is easy to find it almost any restaurant that’s serving non-vegetarian dishes. Consume it with rice or chapattis, tastes best with everything.

Let us hear it for our Potato Lovers. Who doesn’t enjoy potatoes? Here, the lettuce fried on a medium flame until they’re golden and blended with yoghurt and a few chosen spices to receive that yummy reddish colored curry. Best enjoyed with chapattis or paranthas, dum aloo is 1 mouth watering vegetarian dish.

A healthy mixture of spices, rice and tender chicken, did we forget to mention ghee? This delicious and tasty rice delicacy will certainly tickle your taste buds while the well-cooked chicken is completely capable of sending you in trance. No, it isn’t chicken biryani; it’s more or fried rice with chicken.

Produced with Cinnamon, saffron, ghee, sugar, milk, cashew nuts, green cardamoms, almonds and cloves, meeshti pulao is a desert that is aromatic. Yes, it’s a preparation of rice from the kind of dessert, a candy pulao. You may fool around with the sweetness along with the flavor of sweetness using jiggery or sugar, both may provide different sweetness.

Brace yourselves, the vegetarians! The yummy cottage cheese aka paneer dish is here. Patiently cooked in milk and sprinkled with green and brown cardamom, until the paneer is tender and gravy is rich and brown. This paneer dish can add flavor to your weekend, even if you’re a vegetarian and paneer is the thing.


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