Best treatment for hair loss


Those suffering from hair loss know that there are countless treatments available for your own malady. It is thus inevitable for the individual to become leery of the profusion of claims. The best available treatments for hair loss may be narrowed down to a few categories but you ought to make an informed decision having consulted doctors and professionals in the area.

To identify a suitable action for your particular hair loss problem you need to understand the character of the status. If your doctor has been able to investigate the chief causes than an appropriate treatment can start. Are you losing hair due to undue stress or is it a genetic cause?

Finasteride promoted as Propecia is perhaps the most successful known pill to treat pattern baldness in men. It works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, therefore, limiting the androgenetic development of hair loss. This direct intervention may stop hair fall but comes with adverse side effects. The individual will be at elevated risk of prostate cancer, decreased sperm count and impotence.

Minoxidil is marketed under several titles, the favorite being Rogaine. The chemical used for topical application shows rapid results in treating male pattern hair loss. It’s been considered revolutionary but Rogaine is typically effective till the time one uses it. During use, one ought to be aware of the mild to extreme side effects which vary from itching to unexplained weight reduction.

If chemicals are not your cup of tea then natural and traditional remedies are the best option. Chinese swear by Ginseng’s multiple healing properties. Hair regeneration is obviously on the cover of the list. The ginger like roots can be boiled and had in ginseng or tea oil can be directly employed to thinning hair. Indians rely upon Amla Reetha and Shikakai as organic conditioners that help the hair with essential nutrients.

Your hair is mostly Keratin and therefore a protein rich diet may prevent or decelerate the process of hair loss. When mixed with hair oil, Vitamins E and A give best results in reviving inactive hair follicles. Almond oil is regarded as a rich source of Vitamin A and may be combined with Vitamin E capsules for the program on the scalp.

When all else has not healed your baldness, wigs can become a source of consolation. Before you become disheartened have a look at available choices in the industry. Many wigs and toupees are created from human hair and pass off as completely organic.

Hair weaves are also the past yet successful treatments one may resort to in the face of extreme hair fall. There are a variety of methods that provide you the choice of getting natural or artificial hair incorporated into your existing locks. You may choose to get those glued or stitched in with threads. The majority of the treatments are expensive yet painless and hassle free.


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