Learn the step-by-step Procedure to Do surya namaskar yoga asana


Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is among the most helpful yoga methods. You are able to acquire all-round health advantages from this single clinic, as all its poses was designed by keeping a specific aim in mind. It had been designed as a means to cleanse your five degrees of awareness called Annamaya kosha i.e. the physical body, pranamaya kosha or the breath, Manomaya or psychological, vijnanmaya or wisdom, and Karana sharir i.e. the causal body.

The 12 postures of Surya Namaskar and their connected breathing are:

  • Face sunlight whilst standing completely vertical. Bring your palms at the Namaskar pose, or at folded-hands pose near the torso, nearly touching it. Inhale while attracting your arms at folded-hands pose and exhale as the hands are attracted to the torso level.
  • Maintain your hands directly and lift them up and then bend backward with the arms vertical. Stretch the arms thoroughly.
  • Time to bend your waist. The perfect practice would be to flex enough to touch the floor with your palm.
  • Pull your left leg back while retaining the palms on the floor firmly. Increase your head to examine sunlight. You will need to inhale through those steps.
  • Maintaining your palms firm on the floor, bring your right leg straight back to the left leg. Your body will make an arch with hands and legs directly. You must exhale while doing this step.
  • Make your own body stretched on the floor. Feet, knees, thighs, chest and forehead touch the floor in this position whilst maintaining your self slightly raised from the floor in your palms. Within this place, turn your mind to either side, left and right, let both ears touch the floor. First inhale and then exhale in this particular pose.
  • Increase your head softly, palms on the floor, and bend up your back as far as possible. Inhale through this procedure.
  • Duplicate the step 5.
  • Step 4 is repeated but with all the other leg, i.e. bringing forwards right leg. It is possible to exhale when finishing the practice. Follow this up with atmosphere several inhales and exhales.

Beginners are advised to execute a set of 2 Surya Namaskars for a few days. They can slowly raise it to 3, 6 and around 12 together with training.


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