Reasons why you should start your day with a cup of warm lemon water


If you are trying to cut out your morning coffee or tea? A cup of warm lemon water is what most experts suggest as an ideal alternative to your favorite drink. And it’s not just because lemon has got a tangy flavor but it has several benefits to provide which make it worthwhile to make this concoction a portion of your morning ritual.

1It helps you detox
Although lemons might appear quite acidic they a rich source of an alkaline food which could help balance your body’s pH. Besides, drinking hot lemon water each day helps flush out nasty toxins out of your system.

2It stimulates your digestive tract
Consumption of warm lemon water each day helps stimulate your gastrointestinal tract, therefore, it improves your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and minerals all day and help food pass through your system with no difficulty.

3It helps in weight loss
Pectin, a soluble fiber present in lemon juice helps in weight loss. If you would like to eliminate weight, sipping on a cup of warm lemon water instead of a cup of tea loaded with sugar will be a better choice.

4It soothes an upset tummy
Hitting sack with a full stomach may cause you to have heartburn or a bloated stomach the next morning. Drink hot water mixed with lemon juice to wash the body to reduce acidity in your gut.



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