The Key to not regain lost weight


The multibillion dollar weight loss business thrives on dieters’ failure to lose weight and keep it off longterm. The investment created by individuals gives them low yields but they keep coming back for more. The vicious cycle never ends.

Losing weight in itself is a mammoth task and even if you get rid of some, not gaining it back blows up to be a dinosaur job. Why is it that dieters can not maintain their lost weight from coming back? Even celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson and more with high-end resources struggle to not get heavier after shedding a few pounds.

If those rich, powerful women, with their own trainers and private chefs, can’t win the weight war, what chance would we have?

Researchers in the University of California at Los Angeles analyzed 31 long-term diet studies and discovered that about two-thirds of dieters regained more weight within four or five years than that which they initially lost. Some estimates show 80 percent of men and women who had lost weight, regained it all or more, after two years. It’s true.

The motive might be your weight loss diet program itself. Crazy diets that promise quick weight loss are difficult (sometimes, even impossible) to stick to for long-term and thus, give you false hopes. By believing them, you’re setting yourself up to regain the weight.

Most dieters don’t comprehend the importance of reducing calorie consumption for weight loss. Stylish fad diets can preoccupy you, but the very foundation of a successful diet still comes down to counting calories.

Rememberthat only get rid of weight when you consume lesser calories and this truth does not depend on the diet plan that you follow.

Maintaining the Weight Loss

If you’d like your weight loss to be sustainable, you need to reduce your calorie intake while also eating healthy foods. The balance just needs to be right. After losing weight, the only difference is that you’re allowed slightly more calories every day to maintain it. It’s a simple trick yet overlooked by a lot of dieters.

Most dieters tend to deprive themselves of their favourite foods that they crave for; this is not needed. You just have to pick the right options to maintain yourself satiated- like if you want to have carbs, also make it in the form of whole grain bread; if you’re a vegan, cook yourself stir-fried tofu; satisfy your craving for fast foods with a hamburger and fries once in a while.

The eating just does not need to only be strategic, but also flexible and long-term. Otherwise, you won’t stick to it for long and would eventually gain weight.

The most important part, however, is to strive to consume foods that are reduced in calories and higher in bulk so you stay full throughout the day. Being in control of what you consume in the long-term has more to do with feeling good and satisfied than having some never-say-die will power.

The bottom line is that you can easily get rid of weight by eating delicious foods but, consuming lower calories will help you to sustain weight loss.


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