It’s time to chalk your detoxification routine


Ways to cleanse your body
Now more than ever, we will need to support our body’s natural capacity for self-healing. Mudra’s is a fantastic place to start.nFor thousands of years that this early “science of longevity” has championed cleaning for a means to get rid of toxins, bolster immunity, and revitalise our own body, breath, and mind.

Detoxification mudra
Place each thumb on the interior border of the third joint of your ring finger. Do this with each hand. For 10 minutes three times a day. At least once a year, we should all aim a detoxification treatment. It makes no difference if this is achieved at a gorgeous spa or at home.

Rice or potato treatment
A rice or curry therapy has a very efficient but gentle effect. For three to five days, eat readily digestible bread with herb tea nettle (urtica dioica L) in the morning; for lunch and dinner, have a meal of rice or potatoes and wheat leaf vegetables.

Drink tea or water between meals. Try an enema every second day and sometimes support the detoxification process using a compress, a garlic compress is very easy to use and practically draws the toxins from the body.

It can be used to support general cleanup by placing it on the lever or any other body parts that harm. Boil the potatoes in their skins and mash with a fork, then wrap in a cotton towel, and place it on the entire body; wrap the hot towel around the body and the sausage bag.

Leave the compress onto the various spot for around thirty minutes. During the detox days, lie down and rest often. This is the time to use this Mudra for supporting the detoxification procedure.

Ward off the evils
It’s very important to take into account the things, in addition to waste materials and toxins, you’re willing to let go off–terrible memories, old grudges, bad habits, negative character traits, fear, etc.. This will make space for something new.


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