Vegetarian foods that you won’t think have more iron than meat


If you would like to jack up your iron intake without relying upon red meat, then include those veggies in your diet plan.
Yes, this green vegetable is a energy of iron, regardless of why Popeye adored this super food so much better. 100 g of spinach feature 2.7 milligrams of Iron. Thus, don’t neglect to include spinach on your next salad or side dish.

Another green vegetable that’s packed with iron is broccoli. Additionally, it contains essential nutrients such as vitamin K, magnesium and vitamin C. You should incorporate this vegetable into your daily diet, if you have not already because it promotes the absorption of iron within the body.

100 g of boiled lentils include 3.3 mg of iron. In any case, lentils are also a very good source of dietary fiber, protein and potassium.

Make kale a component of your daily diet by including it into your sandwiches and soups to acquire a fantastic quantity of iron out of this vegetable. 100 g of kale includes 1.5 mg of iron.

100 g of sesame comprises 14.6 Mg of Iron.


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